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Leaving Tuesday September 06th for Houston

Posted in travel by jacob on September 6, 2005

For those interested in my flight information, here it is:

Flight: Continental Airlines flight 644 on a Boeing 737-900 Jet
San Francisco, CA (SFO) – Tue, Sep 06 at 12:10pm
Houston Bush, TX (IAH) – Tue, Sep 06 at 6:04pm


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  1. marcrotten said,

    jake i think it’s gtreat you are going to help rebuild poor america’s infrastructure.

    some friends from indonesia and malaysia were telling me about the weird side effects of banda aceh and other totally hit areas.. side effects of the volunteer effort. huge invasion of volunteer workers that artificially inflated prices locally, and took up food, fuel, transport and hotel room accomodations that could have been used in other ways- i am curious as to if have you thought about these issues much in regards to Katrina relief?

  2. jacob said,

    I plan to stay in areas that would otherwise not fill up (couches for a night, friends that contact me, etc). I’m unsure about food but I certainly won’t take food from refugees. I’ll try to hitch hike with people who are already headed the way that I’m going. I’ll give up my seat for people who really need it and I’ll try to be conscious of all of the things you’ve mentioned. Feel free to email me about all of this, I’d appreciate the advice.

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