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Posted in fema,Katrina,media,supplies by jacob on September 8, 2005

There’s an interesting Smoking Gun memo that I think everyone should read regarding Katrina and the aftermath.

Memo: Rescuers should “convey a positive image” of fed efforts.



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  1. Effie said,

    Conveying a positive image is part and parcel of every single job I’ve ever had where I come in contact with the public. Sometimes, with some people, you need to clarify the “service with a smile” bit. This doesn’t seem to go beyond that; it isn’t exactly a “talking points” memo. It just feels like it’s being taken a bit out of context. FEMA’s screwed up way too much on truly BIG things to really bother with this particular minor distraction.

    Props to Smoking Gun for a good effort, and here’s hoping they can come up with some more directly pertinent docs in future days.

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  13. rachael said,

    i love funny and gross videos!

  14. Mary said,

    Great Blog – Can I post some of your comments on mine?

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