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Things we would love

Posted in astrodome,fema,housing,houston,JIC,Katrina,media,neworleans,radio,supplies,travel by jacob on September 9, 2005

Joel took the time to write up a useful little post about what we could use.

If you’re in Houston or anywhere along the way to Baton Rouge, please consider yourself the target audience.

I’ll reproduce the important parts here:

Here are the first-run critical supplies that we need most direly:

* Fuel containers. We have not been able to secure them in Houston so far; stores are sold out.
* Bottled Water.
* Non-spoiling food.
* Gasoline.

Those we can use probably as much as you can provide.

As for electronics, we could use:

* Flat-panel monitors.
* Power inverters (cigarette lighter).
* Working UPS units.
* Solar panels.
* EV-DO cards. (Very needed).
* Inmarsat equipment.
* Ethernet routers and switches.
* Wi-fi hardware of all types, including antennas.
* Materials to build antenna and other electrical gear.
* PCMCIA Wi-Fi card.
* Long-haul wireless gear.

If you can provide these things, feel free to call me in the morning (as early as necessary; I’ll wake up). We’re always happy to accept cash donations as well, but the more physical gear you can provide (especially the fuel, food, and water) the more cash we’ll have for travel expenses.

My contact number: (347) 495-0610

Like Joel, I would also like to take the time to thank Will Hawkins for his hardwork at the Astrodome. Will is a badass. He’s helping people connect. Also for the gracious places to stay, Lacy and James you’re awesome. Thank you all.


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  1. Kathryn Hill said,

    I just got back from Burning Man with a crapload of food (chips, power bars, Clif bars, dried fruit, canned goods) that I didn’t eat, and I’d rather they be used to fill tummies of hungry people than sit on my shelf until next Burning Man and go stale. I don’t have enough to feed *everyone* – only about 2 grocery bags full – but I woud be happy to donate. Would this be enough? I would be happy to mail them if you give me an address.

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