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Why traditional print media blows

You can see an interview as well as some photos relating to the Astrodome in the recent issue of Dose.


Dose cover image

I’d like to take this time to address how traditional print media can be a disaster. These people interviewed me for quite some time on aim today while I was driving with Joel. Of all the things I said in the interview, the things that made it into the print magazine are basically trivial. It’s worthless. While they printed the wrong url for my blog, they did get one that worked but only because photomatt is such a foreward thinking fellow in how he runs dns. I’m frustrated that I used my treo to talk to them as it’s a pain to get the chat log off. In addition, they actually published something on their website about the conversation and they didn’t include the full log! I mean if it was space constraints that would be one thing but people, don’t you do this for a living? I’m going to give it a shot and hope that I can post the actual conversation as it had some merit. This however has basically no merit.

Don’t talk to the Dose people unless you’re willing to be misrepresented.

Update: I’ve posted the full chatlog here


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  1. david said,

    reminds me of the time i talked to a reporter about the zombie mob. Guess which quote they used:
    1) Zombies are great because the metaphor is just beneath the surface. Mindless consumers with an insatiable appetite. The zombies were the ones actually living, not the workers who couldn’t break loyalty for a second to crack a smile.
    2) We stand united in the quest for more brains.

  2. jacob said,


    I’m going to guess that they chose number 2. Fun times!

  3. kstop said,

    Dose is a (national, but localised) freesheet recently put out by the people behind the National Post (Canada’s most right-wing national newspaper) to counter what they perceive as a left-wing bias in the other (regional) free papers. It’s basically trash, I’m not surprised that they gutted your interview.

  4. Heather said,

    In my experience, it doesn’t matter whether a publication is left or right wing. They all edit the hell out of interviews and focus on the trivial. The last time I was interviewed for a newspaper, they managed to change everything around, so that it looked like I was saying the exact opposite of what I had told them. I learned my lesson- never give an interview on anything of importance unless one either knows the interviewer or can accept the fact that the finished product will be nothing like the original.

  5. david said,

    Journalists use quotes from interviews to fluff what they’ve already written. That’s what they told us to do when i was writing for our college paper. If you’ve ever been close to something that was covered in the news media, you’ll find the articles to be oversimplified and incomplete if not inaccurate. Don’t turn around and think that every other story is covered better.

  6. pip said,

    Not that “established” papers are much better, but Dose is just a throwaway weekly entertainment rag – the latest of several in this city, and probably the worst of the bunch. They should probably stick to covering local events and gossip.

  7. Karenc said,

    I dunno. Dose is just filled with soundbites for sure but the repro on the photos was good and at least tons of people got to learn about jacob’s work there who wouldn’t have otherwise.

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