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We’ve arrived in Baton Rouge

Posted in batonrouge,housing,Katrina,travel by jacob on September 10, 2005

Thanks to Brent Noble for hosting Joel and I. We arrived by van about 30 minutes ago in Baton Rouge and we feel very welcome already.


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  1. Heiko said,

    Good luck with the radio…A quick question about the jail…early reports said that there were no problems at the jail – the authorities had it all under control all along…but I just saw a TV report here in Sydney, with an Australian who was in jail overnight after a bar fight the day before Katrina. He tells of a mass riot, a major escape, no water for days, all inmates fending for themselves during the storm, people being shot while escaping and at least two people being stabbed to death…so who’s telling the real story?

  2. david said,

    I suppose the jail’s records could be used to prove that. They’re supposed to know who’s in their cell and who’s dead face down in the mud, right? If there’s anyone at all unaccounted for, then there was an escape or a death.

  3. inundated said,

    I gave a guy a ride who was at the convention center for 3 days. There were a lot of rumors and no real communication there but he said during the jail evacuation (which happened before the hospital and nursing home evacuations) 300 inmates escaped and were out in the city wreaking havoc. I was watching the WWLTV stream pretty much constantly the week of the storm and it seems like Wednesday they reported a hostage situation at the jail. They never put it in print. In the next press briefing, some chief berated the media for spreading rumors and said all was well. The people I’ve talked to that were in there all say looters saved a lot of lives, some cops at the convention center were dirty, thieving, pistol whipping thugs, and that people werent shooting AT helicopters, they were using the only signal capability they had to say, ‘Hey, me and about 20 people are on this roof and I know you cant see me because it is dark but, now that you know I’m here, I could really use a ride’. FYI

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