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A portrait of Malik Rahim

Posted in algiers,housing,Katrina,media,medical,neworleans,photos,supplies,wireless by jacob on September 11, 2005

Malik Rahim


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  1. heatheranne said,

    I love this photo. I wanted to ask you if it is okay that I use one of your photos to post to my blog. I added one of my favorites, but if it’s not okay I will gladly take it down. Thanks Jacob.

  2. jacob said,

    It’s fine to use my photos, please link back to this blog and credit me. I don’t care otherwise! 🙂 That’s the point of taking the photos, getting the picture out!

  3. Ben Saari said,

    I’ve been listening to Malik almost daily on Flashpoints and other Pacifica shows, it’s nice to have a face to put with the brilliant soulful words.

  4. Declan Ryan said,


    I would like to feature some of your photography in a feature documentary that is near completion. Go to to see if you approve. Malik Raheem and Common Ground and the people of New Orleans are the main characters. I would need written consent from you but I can send a document if you decide its okay.

    Declan Ryan

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  12. Islaam Thabiti Salim said,

    I love you Grandpa!!!

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