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Coming to you all live from New Orleans

Posted in housing,Katrina,media,neworleans,photos,radio,supplies,travel by jacob on September 11, 2005

Sorry for being vauge and for those that were in the know I’m sorry to drop off the radar. I didn’t want to disclose where we were going but we’re here now and we made it safely. Joel and I are now in Algiers. This is the west bank of New Orleans, the 15th ward in Orleans Parish. We’re staying at 331 Atlantic Avenue. Here’s a sat photo of the area.

Wondering where we’re staying? Remember the story recently on BoingBoing about Malik in Algiers? We’re here to help him restore his community. We’ve got tech gear to outfit the community run clinic. This is the face of community change, this is Malik Rahim. We’ve got some donated terminals from AMD and we’re looking for monitors. I think we need ten of them. If you’re in NOLA and you’ve got monitors please feel free to send them our way.

Looking for a wifi hotspot in New Orleans? Malik has one now. Infact we brought it with us and we’re online. Thanks to Joel’s EVDO pcmcia card, we’re about to deploy a mobile computer lab of sorts.

We’ve got cell phone service but it’s quite difficult for you to call us. We get busy signals 50% of the time calling out. We’ve heard it’s about a 90% failure rate calling inside.

What’s the plan? The plan is to help the people who’ve been without aid, without help and without hope. Malik and the group around the house packed up bags to help people stay clean. He showed me the one of the single person aid packs he put together and told me about the family sized ones they’re putting together tomorrow.


You can read more about this on Joels blog. 

It’s time to sit down to dinner now, I’ll write more when I get a free moment. There’s much to be done.

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  1. Emmett said,

    Good luck.

  2. Tanya said,

    Take good care of yourself, and of those who may need it.

  3. scarlet said,

    This just shows, once again, what an extraordinary person you are, Jake.


  4. Alice said,

    Do you need anything? let us know if you do…

  5. From that sat photo, it looks like you’re a block and half away from a yard with tons of school buses.

    And there were no buses available to get people out of there?!?!

  6. tamara said,

    sonofabitch. g’luck. i’ve forwarded your request for rebroadcasting to the guys who are doing all the rebroadcasting for interdictor’s cam. hopefully something can be setup.

    take care, you.

  7. Glenn said,

    Hey man, You ROCK! for what you’re doing. Good luck down there and keep the force alive!

  8. […] For more about their travels, check out their websites: Joel and Jacob on Algiers and their efforts. […]

  9. Cory said,

    You are doing awesome work, Jake, and I admire you for giving so much of yourself to those in need. You’re a worldwide missionary for technology!

  10. Mariangela Urquizo said,

    obviously you are very busy doing alot of good but if you somehow know how to network with the other rescue organizations down there can you please relay this message to someone who can possibly do something
    Paul Berry, chief operations officer for Best Friends Animal Society, says they are unable to help due to there lack of boats along with other oranizations.
    ” Brenda Johnson of New Orleans East and her 10-year-old Yorkie, Spike, who she was forced to leave behind on Tuesday, August 30, when Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast,Brenda’s frantic plea to save her beloved Spike finally reached me in Los Angeles on September 12, via a rescuer in St. Louis, MO, I still don’t know if Spike is dead or alive, if anyone has been able to boat into Brenda Johnson’s former home at 10711 Ranger Drive, Apt. E in New Orleans East. If anybody does, please let me so that I can let Brenda Johnson know.” ”
    this is what I was sent by a Sherrie C. Woodbury of Los Angelas Pug rescue and Im just trying to get it networked through the rescue organizations, maybe when someone has time from rescuing precious human lives or rebuilding it they may be able to do someting about spike.

    I know your incredibly busy so if not then its okay, thank you anyway.

    Mari Urquizo

    “I still don’t know if Spike is dead or alive, if anyone has been able to boat into Brenda Johnson’s former home at 10711 Ranger Drive, Apt. E in New Orleans East. If anybody does, please let me so that I can let Brenda Johnson know.”

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