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Wardriving occupied New Orleans

Posted in algiers,gear,Katrina,media,neworleans,radio,supplies,wardriving by jacob on September 11, 2005

We’re heading into the city center for various reasons. I’m bringing a gps unit, a laptop with a 200mw 802.11b card and a laptop on the car power inverter. We’re going to log and then make maps tonight.

 If I provide kismet logs with GPS information is anyone interested in making a google maps hack? It’s certainly possible to make this a once a day operation.


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  1. Matt said,

    You should make a visit to 650 Poydras St the Home of DirectNIC
    they are on IRC irc://

    talk to Peter

  2. brianosaurus said,

    Have y’all run into much resistance? my wife and I are debating heading down there, but with all the weird reports in the media, we don’t want to make a 2600 mile trek only to be turned back by the military.

    Is there anything 2 people can do to help out down there?

  3. Tom Weir said,

    Let me know if you want some KML for Google Earth to be produced. Its fairly easy for me to generate the files (I’ve already got the tools in place).

    If you don’t get any other offers, I can also see about putting together something for google maps (I haven’t played with this as much).


  4. Rev Dan Catt said,

    Sounds like Tom’s got the Google Earth covered. If google maps is still not taken email me your kismet logs and I’ll throw something up on the geobloggers site.


  5. if anyone is actually interested, i have almost completed my google maps hack for kismet logs. ive been working a lot lately, but i should be able to finish it by the end of the week. feel free to contact me by aim, s/n is aninias.

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