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Algiers radio 94.5 FM

Posted in algiers,gear,Katrina,media,neworleans,radio,supplies,wireless by jacob on September 13, 2005

Today one of the better adhoc hacks I’ve seen came into town.

Behold the glory of a lunch pail made into a low power FM station:

Community radio 94.5 FM

Community radio 94.5 FM

I’ve been told that this radio station is planned for 94.5 FM.


16 Responses to 'Algiers radio 94.5 FM'

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  1. Effie said,

    That’s awesome 🙂

  2. guy said,

    building instructions plz 🙂

  3. Is the signal strong? I have one Belkin TuneCast II, the signal is not that strong! 🙂

  4. Chris Hansen said,

    Yes, please – I’d love some building instructions as well. I have a vintage Allaire User Conference lunchbox just aching to be modded…

  5. Dave said,

    Do you have directions of how you built it?


  6. jlgregg said,

    You should post the instructions and resources used on

  7. charlotteunwired said,

    You’ve answered my dream, Please, please instructions so I can duplicate.

  8. john balfour said,

    Yes, please, at least the circuit schematic…

  9. We have similar transmitters available as kits. $110 for a 1 to 1.5 watt transmitter and $135 for a 10 watt version. Circuiit board size is 4 x 5 inches. All PLL frequency control. Also, higher power amplifiers available as well.

  10. Vixus said,

    Hmm, how about posting a DIY build as well? I know you’d like to make a little money out of it, but I’m sure it would be appreciated. Once people see how hard it is to make, I bet they’ll buy it from you anyway!

  11. Danny said,

    ow please can you send me the instructions and schematics, i want 2 build it 2 for in my car!

  12. Bernie Draper said,

    Radio Free Berkeley apparently has 10 watt FM broadcast transmitter kit for $135.00, BUT can anyone find it? How to order, ? Specs, Etc? Or is it a dream????????

  13. 0ayh6b said,


  14. skolar said,


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  16. No Name said,

    That’s awesome

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