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Cindy Sheehan and the Veterans For Peace

Posted in algiers,cindysheehan,Katrina,neworleans,photos by jacob on September 14, 2005

Cindy Sheehan and the Veterans for peace

Today Cindy Sheehan came to town. I’m not really sure how I feel about her visit.

Cindy Sheehan and the Veterans for peace 

I really respect the Veterans For Peace. They’ve been very helpful to everyone. Tomorrow they’re bringing a huge amount of computers for the community. They’re going to bring a vsat uplink that’s going to last long term.

Cindy Sheehan I respect beause she’s speaking about something important and personal. She’s speaking from her heart and she’s making her statement for others to join her. However, I feel strange about her visit. I talked with her for a short amount of time and I told her that I was sorry about her son. I told her that I felt like her efforts were worthwhile and that protesting is American. This is why we have an armed forces, we have them to protect the American way of life. That includes protesting perceived abuses of power.


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  1. jkhg said,

    Why do you feel strange about her coming? Are you worried she’s diverting attention or something else?

  2. eRobin said,

    That includes protesting perceived abuses of power.

    Lying to Congress and the country so that we could get into a war we didn’t need to fight is an abuse of power. There are no two ways about this one. That is what Sheehan is protesting.

  3. Anonymous said,

    I really think you should dispense with the idea that Bush is somehow “defending the American way of life.” Quite the opposite in fact. There is a growing consensus in military and intelligence circles, and across party lines, that the war in Iraq is the single greatest obstacle to combating militant fundamentalist Islam. That this is still considered controversial at this point is a testament to the influence of the Rove strategy of spin, smear and lie. Seriously, the idea that Bush is somehow “taking the battle to the terrorists to fight them on their own turf before they can strike us at home” is rank b.s.

  4. Anonymous said,

    George Bush is deffending PARTS of the American way of life. Unfortunately many of the parts he’s deffending are the bad parts. The “American way of Life” has come to include poverty, with those living in it forced into few options, one of which being killing in Iraq (seriously how many rich kids are there in the army these days, why didn’t Bush send his daughters?). I think the war in Afganistan has some significant grounds, but Iraq was simply done for the benifit of Defense contractors and oil companies. Those resources could have been much better appropriated to helping Katrina victims.

    I rather have had my money go to Amry Core of Engineers project to reinforce the levy’s rather than the stupid tax cuts.

  5. Evelyn said,

    The notarity that Sheehan is getting is NOTHING compared to the TRUE hearts of the families who grieve for their fallen loved ones with respect , dignity , and solice. They don’t show their grief with a smile or laughter every time a camera pops up or ATTEMPT to exploit their grief as Sheeham has done for over a year. Will she ever learn that she ISN’T speaking for ALL Americans or us military moms ? When the LEFT is through USING HER , they will toss her out like a piece of dirty tissue.

  6. jacob said,


    It’s too bad you judge people in such a harsh manner. You assume that Sheehan has no respect or dignity or solice. You assume because she speaks her mind she’s some piece of lefty trash. That’s a sad perspective. You should have respect for others in the same place as you. She doesn’t speak for all americans but she speaks for herself. Frankly. at least she has the guts to stand up for something.

    I’m sorry you think you’ve lost a son or daughter for something. What I’m not sorry for is your bitterness. What is the end goal of your families work? Is it not to bring peace and to end war? Isn’t it to spread the American way?

    What is the American way if it’s not protest and fighting? What is it?

    You’ve lost something and you’re blinded by partisian lines. It’s a sad day when you care if someone is left or right rather than right or wrong. Moral or immoral. Ethical or unethical.

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