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Idea: Mad Max 4 (The slaughter of New Orleans)

Posted in Katrina,madmax,media,neworleans,photos,radio,travel by jacob on September 14, 2005

Driving around New Orleans

This is the I-10 West. The highway is flooded and a few cars are abandoned. The red truck in the middle is backing up when they see how deep the water is.

The median is probably 4 or 5 feet high and as you can see, it’s totally submerged as it goes beneath the underpass.

The white streak is water being ejected into the highway from some sort of waste pipe. There were no warning signs. To return one was required (because of the median strip) to drive in the fast lane of the road. The right hand side when facing east on the west bound side. The road was of course covered random trash, tires, crashed cars and so on.

This caused me (along with any other drives) to drive into on coming traffic as there were no turn offs or on ramps. The hills on the return back were blind. I had to drive in the wrong direction hoping that no one was driving over the hill at the same time or I would have been in a head on.

The people that wrote Mad Max could take a page from New Orleans today.


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  1. Chris Stefan said,

    That is a rather infamous spot in New Orleans that tends to flood out in heavy rains. Supposedly it is somewhat better now that they’ve installed a pump station to get the water out (I believe it is the tan building in the background).

    During past evacuations rain has caused flooding here which neeless to say didn’t help with the evacuation.

    Hopefully one of the rebuilding projects will be to change this into an overpass.

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