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A moment of New Orleans Miltary Zen

Posted in Katrina,video by jacob on September 15, 2005

No matter what side of the fence you’re on, regardless of politics, surely you can see the humor in the military attempting a landing on a local New Orleans beach.

Enjoy the finest some military in the world landing in their own  some country. I know they did.


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  1. Mattbot said,

    Nope, you’ve been had. These are British Royal Marine Commandos and this is a old clip. The setting is most likely somewhere in the Middle East. It is still funny though.

  2. James said,

    Yeah sorry to burst your bubble but I agree with Mattbot, these are UK troops practising landings in the middle east – I suspect they’re actually new recruits being sent up a creek with out a paddle by some experienced old hands. Why else would the camera be there?

    It is funny though!

  3. jacob said,

    It’s pretty damn funny. Thanks for the correction!

  4. lck4ecoedg said,


  5. Tony said,

    Actually if you search for the complete video you will discover this was actually a british news brodcast because they were the first british troops to land in Iraq so they were filmed. It’s a pointless little ceremony but first they film them for about 10 minutes just driving the boat up to the beach and then finaaly the fun part of them jumping off.

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