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Secours Populaire Francais

Posted in gear,Katrina,media,neworleans,photos,supplies by jacob on September 15, 2005

While it seems many in America have a love hate relationship with France, I’d like to come out and say that I love the French in New Orleans.

Secours Populaire Francais

This group of French workers have payed more than a few visits to Algiers.

Secours Populaire Francais

These two are locals from New Orleans who apparently met the Secours Populaire Francais while traveling in Amsterdam. They’re local activists even if they don’t know it. I have a great deal of respect for these two as well as the rest of the group.

Today they came to the rescue for some really amazing stuff we need. Simple stuff but required some actually investments. The most important thing they brought us was around a dozen monitors and a printer. We then had all the parts for a media center and we had everyone around us participate in learning, teaching and building a media center.


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  1. Vincent said,

    This is great !

  2. Secours Populaire Franais en Louisiane

    Quand le Secours Populaire Franais se dplace certains en tmoignent sur leur blog. Pourvu que a fasse, avec d’autres initiatives, retomber un peu le french bashing.
    (via jol)…

  3. […] Via Jabob’s blog, which I recommend as daily reading. Here you go: […]

  4. Tasha said,

    wow! i never knew anything like this. you’vee done a good job with these entries!!!

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