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The Red Cross comes to Algiers

Posted in algiers,Katrina,neworleans,photos,redcross by jacob on September 15, 2005

The Red Cross shows up

The Red Cross finally came to Algiers. This is the first time most of us have seen the Red Cross in Aligers. They were giving out hot meals. Nothing for people with special needs such as people that do not eat meat or are diabetic. Basically everyone left behind has special needs, that’s why there’re here!

The American Red Cross is probably the least respected of all the groups in this area. The locals actually stay away from the Red Cross because of their experience. If you’re considering giving money to the Red Cross, try giving it to a smaller group first. The Red Cross is a bloated company and your money could be best used elsewhere. They’re full of good people and they mean well I have no doubt. However they’re certainly an example of a non profit that has gotten too large.


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  1. Ben Saari said,

    The Red Cross is top heavy, too many administrators, too much fear of the people they claim to help, too much obediance of governments and militaries. I’m pointing people towards The People’s Hurricane Fund

  2. Chokey said,

    Very amusing to imaginef someone dependent on handouts for their survival complaining that there aren’t any vegetarian or kosher meals available.

  3. Diabetes is not a lifestyle choice.

  4. jacob said,

    Chokey, while it’s almost amusing that you find this amusing, many of the people who don’t eat meat, salt or sugar in huge ammounts because of their health. It’s also funny that you just expect people to become animals or perhaps that these people were already animals.

  5. G.S. said,

    I happen to volunteer for the red cross. I am a vegetarian with pre-diabetes, I live in Virginia, and have been through many hurricanes. We had our house flooded in Isabel, in 2003. Fema didn’t do alot for the community. There are victims of Katrina who are staying in my community. I have adressed this issue of people who do not eat meat and diabetics here and have been trying my best to get this to everyone who may not realize those things here, but nobody ever really seems to want to accept and understand my point or take anything like this seriously enough, but people need to start considering all special needs groups at this point. If everyone providing relief had gotten together and done this from the beginning, maybe things wouldn’t have gotten to the statre they were/are in.

  6. Chris Stefan said,

    Personally I’d reccomend Habitat for Humanity. They do good work and will be helping to fix and rebuild homes long after most of the other charities have left.

  7. Leita said,

    While trying to contact my 76-year old father who lives near Biloxi, MS, I received an email from someone working in the Medical Response (AMR) building near Cowan-Lorraine Road who said the Red Cross in Gautier, MS refused to give out ice until a television crew showed up and began filming.

    When a woman approached one of the trucks to ask for ice, they told her no. When she explained she’d been without food or water for the past five days they called out for security to deal with her.

    About 15 minutes later the news crew arrived; the three trucks were opened and ice was passed out. When the media left, the trucks were locked up and they stopped distributing the ice.

    My father (found a week after Katrina made landfall) refuses to walk to the end of his road to ask the Red Cross for assistance. A veteran of WWII, he has his own Red Cross horror stories during his stint overseas and now has a batch of new ones. He did say the Salvation Army is very active in Gautier as are several smaller non-profits, churches and individuals that arrived days earlier.

    MSNBC posted a long list of alternative non profits accepting donations here:

    Jacob, thank you. I just found your blog today and appreciate everything you’re doing for the Gulf Coast.

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