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Animal rescue

Posted in animals,Katrina,neworleans,photos,spca by jacob on September 16, 2005

Driving through New Orleans

 This isn’t the first sign of Animal rescue but I believe it’s the first time I’ve mentioned it. I really respect these people. The cops and the SPCA travel around looking for animals, they code the buildings just the same way the DMORT team does.

The best quote I’ve gotten from one of the Animal rescue people was something along the lines of: “We’re normal cops without guns. We search houses by kicking down doors to find animals. I really like breaking doors down.”

I bet.


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  1. Emmett said,


  2. […] Jacob Appelbaum says the ASPCA are doing good work in NOLA. I have been reading his blog and have continued to find it the most human description of what is going on there on a daily basis. Here’s where you donate. I’m there! […]

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    Barrie Segal – Founder of

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