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Public Service Announcement

Posted in Katrina,media,neworleans by jacob on September 16, 2005

I suggest everyone read the latest weekly review from Harpers. No this is not The Onion.


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  1. Jacob, heard your interview on Pirillo’s show. Major kudos to you for the work you are doing in New Orleans and your recent trip to Iraq. Stay safe.

  2. Adam Backstrom said,

    Paul Ford is amazing.

  3. Tim Olson said,

    “Houston, Texas, the headquarters of contractors Halliburton and Baker Hughes, was preparing for a boom; one real-estate firm was offering special financing deals “for hurricane survivors only.”

    Isn’t it funny how disasters, whether natural (Katrina), or man-made (Iraq), always end up making the rich richer and the poor poorer?

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