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Roland Dobbins sends a care package

Posted in batonrouge,Katrina,neworleans,radio,supplies by jacob on September 17, 2005

If this effort has shown me one thing, it’s that grassroots groups have more power than they know.

Today Gert drove into Baton Rouge to meet Brent Nobles and the net result was a care package from Roland at Cisco. He sent radios, wacky first aid kits, masks, power inverters and the list goes on. Roland, Brent, Gert – you’re all a bunch of awesome people. Thank you.

Who needs tax dollars at work when we’ve got a fully functional community based on merit? No bloat here! 


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  1. Mark said,

    I’ve often wondered if America could function better if we the government didn’t put so much effor into trying to take care of everyone. Is it possible that non-profit organizations and human kindness would be able to go beyond what all the government programs can do?

  2. Brant said,

    It’s been great to see you guys get up and running. Any plans for a community blog?

    And what else do you all need out there? Any wishlists? Where should I send a care package?

  3. Chris said,

    This is a bit of a, sorry cliche ahead, slippery slope. GW would like the
    ‘houses of worship’ to do most of it, except for aid to entrepreneurs of course.
    The incredible needs of the South cannot be shifted onto the shoulders of non-profits and human ingenuity, as much as I just love what you are doing there. Your work is vital to fill in the blanks left by total incompetence and
    oh mendacity (good work, just looked it up..) Point is –
    Don’t let GW and his cronies off the hook on this. Tax monies are being siphoned (gas reference.) off to a stupid war. They screwed up on what was needed in NO. Human kindness cannot build levees.
    My fave cartoon guys are Mark Fiore and Ted Rall.
    p.s. I live in Mississippi, hello .

  4. Chris said,

    p.s. along with Brant, where can we send/what do you need?
    I will forward to everyone I know. Y’all are an inspiration.

  5. Chokey said,

    Good point, Jacob. Just another example why government spending and high taxes is wasteful.

  6. jacob said,

    Chokey, that’s not the point I was trying to make at all. It’s more about stupid choices made by unqualified people.

  7. Billy said,

    This is very GOOD idea IMHO…..

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