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An interview by Esther Sassaman for an upcoming text

The following is a personal interview by Esther Sassaman:

Bloggers are known for strong political opinions and too much openness about their love lives. A growing number have taken the expressive power of the blog into new realms. Many bloggers of all interests and political viewpoints have debunked inaccuracies portrayed by the mainstream media, maintained compendia on rapidly developing stories more quickly than big broadcasters, and established their own live news services in conflict zones. Jacob Applebaum is one of this last category, publishing photojournalism from Iraq, Houston, and New Orleans that has often surpassed the news value, narrative power, and beauty of photography produced by longstanding news service photographers. Appelbaum went to Iraq in April 2005 as a photographer and to visit friends, and visited Houston’s Astrodome after Katrina to help set up a low power FM radio network and wireless service [] for details. He is currently in the poor, black Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans, administering a data center at the behest of community organizer and former Black Panther Malik Rahim.

Jacob’s photographs have gained a new audience with the Houston Astrodome series [], which has become widely distributed. I reached him on Tuesday, the second day of his stay in Algiers. We talked about the situation in Algiers on Tuesday, but also about his personal motivations for coming to activism, and his background.

You can read the rest of the interview off site.


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  1. adam said,

    thank you, jacob. thank you for doing what you do. thank you for doing what you’ve done. thank you for acting. if it weren’t for you i think that my beliefs would have much less of a foundation. and thank you for posting this interview. it makes me understand more of why i feel a connection to you. i wish for you to have safe travels. keep doing what it is you do. please, continue to inspire.

  2. blank said,

    Hey Jake. I’m not very good with words (that’s why I do video in case you were wondering), but I wanted to let you know that I am with you. Not in person at the moment, but without question in spirit.

    Never relent as the challenges before you meet you head on. Even if you, or I, or anyone for that matter don’t really know exactly what anyone of us are getting ourselves into. At least not until everything is said and done (is it really ever?).

    It’s the work, the people that we meet, the knowlegde that we build and share with others, the relationships and connections that are made, the list goes on and on.

    I consider you a true friend, even though our time was short. I hope you’ll see me again, sometime, some place because I know I’ll see you again. It’s just one of those things.

    Man… RJ45 cable sure can be a pain in the ass. Remember, you tought me that. Stay in touch.

  3. eRobin said,

    Thanks very much for the work you’re doing now and for sharing this interview.

    You wrote:

    While sitting at the grave saying my last goodbyes one of my asshole family members told me to leave the grave because the workers wanted to go home – “it was ‘late’, the sun was ‘almost setting’.

    They tried that at my dad’s funeral too. But, since they had to put him in the wrong grave because someone else was in the grave he had paid for thirty years earlier, I practically dared them to come down from their truck to make problems. The funeral director wisely intervened and we had the time we wanted.

  4. […] Jacob Appelbaum’s blog on Hurricane Katrina is an amazing read, but it also features an interesting use of categories as tags. I’ve talked about the difference between categories and tags, the limitations of using categories as tags, and how to manually add Technorati and search tags to Jacob’s site pushes the categories as tags feature to the limit, making the categories really work as tags. […]

  5. Dmitriy said,

    Jacob is good site!

  6. Isabelle said,

    My name is Isabelle, I am a 14 year old student and I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I think the work that you do is admirable. You helped people for simply the reason of wanting to help them. Rebuilding New Orleans is a priority in our country. You will always be remembered for your work.

    Isabelle from Boston

  7. Tyreses said,

    heyy jacob..wats up?…..yea i read was very nice but i think it was amazing long and i think u should summerize so my students could read this in a certain amount of time..i also have a question…

    Did you do this for money, and try to get fame?

    There has to be thought like that in your head like that for you to take action..well i have to go teach now! please get back at me

  8. LatanyaThomas :) said,

    Hey. My name is Latanya and I’m a 13yr. old student @ PHA. I think what your doing is amazing. Your doing a great thing by helping these people. Especially because your doing it because you want to help them…well,class is over so I have to go.


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