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The Internet Archive and Webzine2005!

Posted in algiers,astrodome,houston,iraq,media,neworleans,photos,travel,turkey,videos by jacob on September 24, 2005

Today I’m speaking at Webzine and I’ve got a great announcement.

Thanks to the Internet Archive I’ve now found a permenent home for the photos and videos I’ve planned to release for some time. I’ve gone ahead and uploaded both JPEG images and Canon cr2 RAW files. Thanks to TTK at the Archive for helping with this project. He’s a bad ass and you should call the Archive to let them know how much you love him for his hard work. I stayed at the Archive last night until 22:00 and I think he stayed later. Thank you TTK.

Regarding the actual content, you can preview the images by looking at the smaller JPEGs. If you’re interested in using the RAW files, you can decode the file (very useful jwz script here, thanks Jamie!) and do anything you’d like with it. In the near future I’m going to process the RAW files into very large and uncompressed JPEGs but at the moment time is fleeting so I’ve put that off until next week.

If you’re interested in my photos from the Houston Astrodome:

If you’re interested in my photos from New Orleans:

As it just so happens I’ve also finally released all of my photos from my recent trip to Turkey and into Iraq.

Here are the photos from Turkey:

Here are the photos from Iraq:

I’ve also released about 21 videos that I made with the help of a few friends in Iraq:

All of these photos and videos are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5. If you don’t agree to those terms and you still want to use the content, just ask and I’m sure we can work something out.

I’d like people to put them to use in the wikipedia, into books, into their art projects, public benefits or anything that suits your fancy. You don’t have to contact me for use even if it’s commercial. I don’t want your money, give it to the The Internet Archive or the EFF if you feel it’s important for money to change hands. Those people have helped me more times than I can count and they deserve your support. On the offhand chance you or someone you know is planning to use any of this content, I’d love an email just so I know it’s being used. Credit should be attributed to Jacob Appelbaum.

I hope this helps. Enjoy.


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  1. BillSaysThis said,

    Iraq photos link doesn’t resolve properly (i.e., IA not found error page).

  2. Fred Blasdel said,

    Thank You.

  3. Webzine: Jacob Appelbaum

    Even at an event like Webzine 2005, it’s hard to find people as willing to go out there and become a citizen journalist in quite as extreme a way as Jacob Appelbaum. Jacob went first to Iraq and then later…

  4. TTK Ciar said,

    First, you’re very welcome 🙂 staying late was well worth getting this awesome content into the Archive. This is exactly what the organization is for, and why I am working there.

    Second, I’ve fixed the problem with the jacob_appelbaum_iraq item. Our metadata parsing code is still a little young and fragile, and I had to strip out a lot of fields from the files.xml before the item would resolve properly. When our code is made more robust, I will substitute back in the full files.xml file (currently renamed to jacob_appelbaum_iraq_files.too-large.xml).

    Finally, it’s TTK, not TKK, but that’s okay 🙂

    Hats off to you, Jacob!

  5. jacob said,

    Sorry about that TTK!

    I’ve fixed the spelling error 🙂

    Thanks again for everything. You rock!

  6. Zed Pobre said,

    You posted above that you are publishing these under CC by-sa 2.5, but the license links on the galleries claim CC by-nc-sa 2.5 (non-commercial only). One or the other location should probably be fixed.

  7. jacob said,


    These are by-sa 2.5. The stuff on flickr isn’t. Simple enough. Even though it’s the same photo it’s a different source. I’m not going to change my flickr license when i can just release it under a different license and post it elsewhere. Flickr won’t be around forever and it’s not a good source for free material. The archive won’t be around forever but I trust it will last longer than flickr and it’s where people go for this sort of stuff.

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  9. themaastrix said,

    Personal experiences bringing technology and new media to disaster areas

    Jacob Appelbaum ist ein Aktivist, der in Krisengebieten für Non-Profit-Organisationen arbeitet. Beispielsweise hat er in New Orleans eine Radiostation für die Opfer von Katrina aufgebaut, Voice-Over-IP-Telefone für Betroffene installiert, hat als E…

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  11. […] Jacob Appelbaum was rousing. Slideshow at random in the background, discussion on the front channel. I first heard about Jacob on Boingboing (here and here). Dude went to Iraq after his dad died, or was killed at the hands of some heroin junkies. Very frustrated with American policy internationally and domestically, after having recently traveled to Houston Astrodome and New Orleans after Katrina. […]

  12. Cool photos, thanks for sharing 🙂 rocks

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  14. Hey Jacob,

    Your generosity is impressive, especially considering the quality of your material. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m looking forward to seeing your images in loads of resources, online and offline.


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