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Webzine 2005! (Tomorrow and Sunday)

Posted in photos,travel by jacob on September 24, 2005

I’m back in San Francisco as of this last Tuesday. I’ll write about it later but I had something important to announce that I almost forgot to mention.

For those that are interested in hearing me flap my mouth, I’m speaking at Webzine2005 this Saturday, September the 24th. For those not interested, keep reading and I’ll try to never post any audio files that would make your ears bleed.

At Webzine I’m going to be talking about my experiences traveling to Iraq and to the areas affected by Katrina. I’m planning on releasing a number of videos as well as almost all of my photographs under the Creative Commons. Thanks to The Internet Archive and Jason Scott for helping make this possible.

According to the schedule it looks like I’m speaking at 13:00 (1:00 P.M.) at the Swedish American Hall above the Cafe Du-Nord. I’m in the Freya Room. Directions located here.

If you’re in the San Francisco bay area you should come to Webzine. You can even buy your tickets on the internets.


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  1. Stig Carlsson said,

    Please to try to make my ears bleed!
    Would you perhaps be putting out some of your
    speech ( best of ) on the Net in some form, be it
    sound or text?
    Beeing severely Geografically Impaired ( Living in
    Sweden) I can’t attend except in spirit……

  2. jo said,

    are you sure you’re in sweden and not victoria, bc, stig?

  3. futuremedia said,

    Your 9.24.05 Webzine 2005 presentation is up on the FutureMedia site now, I love you man. You are a true master of communicaiton. And one of the most courageous men I have ever met.

    With deep affection,
    Taylor Barcroft

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