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My Webzine talk

Posted in media by jacob on September 27, 2005

I wanted to share my webzine talk with my readers. I think it explains without all the detail much of what I’ve been doing for the last year and why I would do any of the things I’ve done. You can download the mp3 from the wonderful Webzine server.


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  1. Michael said,

    Hello, I check your page frequently since when you were down in New Orleans helping the folks down there. Have you done any other good stuff lately? I haven’t seen any updates in awhile.

    just checking. Thanks, Mike

  2. wm said,

    I saw some really nice photographs by you around in the net, e.g. on tinynibbles(dot)com. Sad to see that obviously you don’t post anymore on your blog.


  3. Ben said,

    I like your talks and photos, why you are not posting anymore.

  4. uh8c8ebqt said,


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