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Roland Dobbins sends a care package

Posted in batonrouge,Katrina,neworleans,radio,supplies by jacob on September 17, 2005

If this effort has shown me one thing, it’s that grassroots groups have more power than they know.

Today Gert drove into Baton Rouge to meet Brent Nobles and the net result was a care package from Roland at Cisco. He sent radios, wacky first aid kits, masks, power inverters and the list goes on. Roland, Brent, Gert – you’re all a bunch of awesome people. Thank you.

Who needs tax dollars at work when we’ve got a fully functional community based on merit? No bloat here!¬†

Radio Interview with Chris Pirillo

Last night I talked to Chris Pirillo for his weekly show. You can hear the interview on their site.

Houston Astrodome radio station update

Posted in algiers,batonrouge,fema,housing,Katrina,media,neworleans,photos,radio,supplies by jacob on September 12, 2005

This is being written from my Treo650.

The radio station at the Astrodome finally got the FCC permits needed to broadcast outside of the dome. Thus they have subverted the Astrodome authorities that clearly stood in the way of something useful. I really hope that this is put to good use. I’m not there and I’m a bit out of the loop but i’ve confirmed Houston Indymedia is hard at work on this.

We’ve arrived in Baton Rouge

Posted in batonrouge,housing,Katrina,travel by jacob on September 10, 2005

Thanks to Brent Noble for hosting Joel and I. We arrived by van about 30 minutes ago in Baton Rouge and we feel very welcome already.