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Thanks to Tim Pritlove and the CCC!

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Tim Pritlove has really come through for us in Algiers. We’ve now got Joel’s mac streaming video via EVDO using an iSight to a server in Berlin with a 100Mb/s connection.

Here’s a link to the stream when it’s up and running “Algiers streaming media.”

For the copy and paste that url is: rtsp://

If we’re not online, you’ll get a 404. If it is, you’ll get us at around 6-10 frames a second with audio and perhaps more without.

All he hopes for in return is that Cory Doctorow will come to the next CCC congress (22C3). Do you hear him Cory 😉 ?


Radio silence

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It’s very possible that we will be unable to communicate shortly. Updates will come as we are able.

My liveblog with Xeni Jardin translated into spanish

For those interested in Spanish translations of my liveblog with Xeni Jardin these people were kind enough to translate:


A full chat log with Ryan Macdonald from Dose

As I espoused in my previous post “Why traditional print media blows” I’d like to continue by adding the actual chatlog.

It took me a few minutes but I was able to salvage the conversation from the two different computers I was using while traveling. I think this has at least a slight bit more merit than what was actually published in Dose today. As you can see, they actually screwed up who was talking in their article and quote things incorrectly with their excessive use of the bold tag. What a total bummer. Here’s the actual chat transcript. Sorry for all the linebreaks, I was using a Treo and multitasking with it is a total pain. I removed the last part of the conversation where I asked them to send me a copy of Dose via postal mail.

Without further delay here is the chat conversation with Dose:

Chat Conversation with AIM buddy: giantflyingcarp (giantflyingcarp)
starting at: 15:24 on 9/8/05
[15:24] giantflyingcarp says:
hi jacob. ryan macdonald from dose in toronto, canada. ronit from our magazine sent you a message re. your photos of the astrodome. i had a few questions, if your game — we’d like to publish a transcript of our chat and maybe your liveblog from inside the astrodome. you game?
[15:24] ioerrortype23 says:
currently typing from my treo650
[15:25] ioerrortype23 says:
Kinda slow but sure
[15:31] ioerrortype23 says:
[15:31] ioerrortype23 says:
You there?
[15:33] giantflyingcarp says:
hey. thanks for responding. where are you right now? still in houston?
[15:33] ioerrortype23 says:
I am currently eating in Houston.
[15:34] giantflyingcarp says:
what’s your deal anyway, jacob? why did you go down to check out the scene after katrina?
[15:36] ioerrortype23 says:
I normally work with NGOs and NP groups.
[15:37] ioerrortype23 says:
I think the thing to do is the right thing
[15:37] giantflyingcarp says:
so you want to help?
[15:37] ioerrortype23 says:
I think its important to contribute in anyway that people can.
[15:38] ioerrortype23 says:
I made some calls when I saw the massive fuck up on the part of my pathetic government..
[15:38] giantflyingcarp says:
what was the most disturbing thing you saw inside the dome? from your blog it sounded pretty dire?
[15:38] ioerrortype23 says:
I said that I’ve got tech skill and photography gear.
[15:39] giantflyingcarp says:
did the authorities try to shut you down?
[15:39] ioerrortype23 says:
Xeni Jardin told me to speak with Joel Johnson, I bought my ticket the next day.
[15:40] ioerrortype23 says:
I should clairify. My liveblog was simply what people were saying to me directly when I asked them where they were from, how they got here and what they wanted the world to know.
[15:40] ioerrortype23 says:
many people are fed, happy and alive.
[15:41] ioerrortype23 says:
There was some serious sadness that the celebs wouldn’t touch the people in the shelter.
[15:41] ioerrortype23 says:
When I would shake their hands, their eyes lit up.
[15:42] giantflyingcarp says:
true enough. i’m not trying to direct you in any way, just get a clear -unfiltered- picture. it’s tough to know what’s real based on the TV images.
[15:42] ioerrortype23 says:
I agree.
[15:42] giantflyingcarp says:
celebs were in the dome?
[15:42] ioerrortype23 says:
Many of the people in the dome said the national guard came in when Bush showed up
[15:42] ioerrortype23 says:
Yes. I posted some photos of Bill Cosby yesterday
[15:43] ioerrortype23 says:
Long shots though, hard to see its him
[15:44] ioerrortype23 says:
He was great. He encouraged people to vote, to feel like they’re worth it to keep living, to know they’re worth more than they might believe.
[15:47] ioerrortype23 says:
Sorry, thrown off again
[15:47] ioerrortype23 says:
I need to step away to eat
[15:47] ioerrortype23 says:
Give me 15 or 20
[15:48] giantflyingcarp says:
k. thx.
[16:16] ioerrortype23 says:
[16:16] ioerrortype23 says:
Sorry about that, thumb typing and eating only work when you feed from a tube.
[16:17] ioerrortype23 says:
What were you asking last?
[16:21] ioerrortype23 says:
Whenever you get back, hit me up
Chat Conversation with AIM buddy: giantflyingcarp (giantflyingcarp)
starting at: 16:23 on 9/8/05
[16:23] giantflyingcarp says:
i wanted to ask about the radio project. you and other bloggers have mentioned the need to get people in the dome fm radios for news. can you explain?
[16:28] ioerrortype23 says:
the press release on my weblog explains that best
[16:28] ioerrortype23 says:
It was a hurdle thrown up by Rita Obey of Harris County.
[16:29] ioerrortype23 says:
we met and exceeded her absolutely absurd needs and we’re still denied as far as I know.
[16:30] giantflyingcarp says:
ok. i’ll check it out. but is the idea simply that people don’t have any news.
[16:31] ioerrortype23 says:
People do not have consistant and reliable info.
[16:31] ioerrortype23 says:
No one takes authority.
[16:32] ioerrortype23 says:
When I tried to find the local onsite FEMA or DHS people, no one was in charge.
[16:32] ioerrortype23 says:
RedCross command in the dome was also of little help.
[16:33] giantflyingcarp says:
that’s really sad. i know you have no way of confirming what people told you about rape, etc. but what’s your gut feeling?
[16:33] ioerrortype23 says:
There is a need to give everyone a source of solid information for food stamp, job, clothing, housing, found/missing people, etc
[16:34] ioerrortype23 says:
that is the purpose of the LPFM
[16:34] ioerrortype23 says:
The main issue is that the FCC permit states that the transmitter must be inside the dome
[16:34] ioerrortype23 says:
That of couse makes Austin Airwaves subject to red tape
[16:35] giantflyingcarp says:
what can people do to help?
[16:35] ioerrortype23 says:
my gut feeling on the rumors is that they have some merit. They came from somewhere.
[16:36] ioerrortype23 says:
One seemed out of this world, the idea that the Army corps engineers blew a levy
[16:37] ioerrortype23 says:
Until you look up history of the Armyy corps doing just that in NOLA in the 20s!
[16:37] giantflyingcarp says:
do any of the people know how long they’re going to be in the dome?
[16:37] ioerrortype23 says: has some links about that on one of his recent posts
[16:38] ioerrortype23 says:
Many people seemed worried because they weren’t sure who could tell them facts.
[16:40] giantflyingcarp says:
very sad. did people give you any hope?
[16:41] ioerrortype23 says:
I’m not trying to paint this as totally without hope.
[16:41] ioerrortype23 says:
People are happy to be alive, some of them just don’t know it yet.
[16:41] ioerrortype23 says:
Just like many have no complaints, they’re not ready to be angry.
[16:42] giantflyingcarp says:
good to know people are still people after all the shit they’ve been thru.
[16:43] ioerrortype23 says:
Its clear in the MSM that people want to dehumanize the survivors.
[16:44] ioerrortype23 says:
That its their fault for staying or for not leaving fast enough.
[16:44] ioerrortype23 says:
These people are sick, old, poor, broken, uninformed.
[16:44] ioerrortype23 says:
And when I say poor, you have no idea
[16:45] ioerrortype23 says:
I read yesterday that people we afraid of getting rescued because they wouldn’t be able to afford tickets to ride!
[16:45] ioerrortype23 says:
To be rescued!
[16:45] ioerrortype23 says:
Unbelievable class seperation
[16:45] ioerrortype23 says:
Massive racism
[16:46] ioerrortype23 says:
No one wants to talk about this.
[16:46] giantflyingcarp says:
the race question got raised briefly in the MSM then died quickly. you think this will haunt bush, change thing?
[16:47] ioerrortype23 says:
It died becuase the media cannot even begin to cover it.
[16:48] ioerrortype23 says:
It’s so sad.
[16:48] ioerrortype23 says:
Will this haunt bush?
[16:48] ioerrortype23 says:
Does that even matter?
[16:49] giantflyingcarp says:
maybe people will start asking the right questions … that’s what i mean.
[16:49] ioerrortype23 says:
what are the right questions?
[16:49] ioerrortype23 says:
I think its about race
[16:49] ioerrortype23 says:
About class
[16:50] giantflyingcarp says:
ya. from an outsider looking in, those seem to be the dominant issues in nearly every big city in america.
(16:50:41) ioerrortype23: Yes.
(16:50:42) ioerrortype23: I agree
(16:50:46) ioerrortype23: Now I’m back at my laptop.
(16:50:53) ioerrortype23: So this should go faster, my thumbs are sore.
(16:51:15) giantflyingcarp: you on blackberry?
(16:51:17) ioerrortype23: The government failed the people.
(16:51:27) ioerrortype23: No I use a Treo650. A total pile of junk, it reboots all the time.
(16:52:38) giantflyingcarp: hey. just wanted to say thanks for letting us use the images, we think they’re important. and thanks for the chat. what’s next for you?
(16:53:06) ioerrortype23: I’m getting a van with Joel and we’re heading into Louisiana with supplies to help out.
(16:53:22) ioerrortype23: People on the ground will work on their radio station and we’ll go where we’re needed.
(16:53:32) giantflyingcarp: can we help in any way?
(16:53:40) ioerrortype23: Absolutely.
(16:53:44) ioerrortype23: Ask the hard questions.
(16:54:12) ioerrortype23: What about race? What about class? What about the government stopping people from leaving? Why didn’t the police save people when they drove by 5 people to a boat in NOLA?
(16:54:31) ioerrortype23: Why does the president have to do photoshoots that stop aid workers from working?
(16:54:40) ioerrortype23: High security photo ops lock down aid centers.
(16:54:51) ioerrortype23: Stop it with the photo ops.
(16:55:17) ioerrortype23: You want a photo op, take a photo of the poor, the homeless, the suffering, the people who have been devastated.
(16:55:34) ioerrortype23: I’m sick of seeing the faces of a bunch of ineffective politicians patting themselves on the back and I know I’m not the only one.
(16:56:05) ioerrortype23: Also
(16:56:29) ioerrortype23: Call and voice your concern over the fact that the Austin Airwaves emergency low power FM station being blocked.
(16:56:38) ioerrortype23: Make the people explain why this is such a big deal to the people involved.
(16:56:51) ioerrortype23: A little bit of googling can go a long way when it comes to phone numbers of people to call.
(16:57:06) ioerrortype23: If you can, come down here and help people out. Or offer to house them.
(16:57:29) ioerrortype23: And for the love of humanity, don’t assume that because these people are poor they’re criminals.
(16:58:01) ioerrortype23: Thanks for the soap box.
(16:58:23) giantflyingcarp: a good note to end on. thx again. we’ll be watching, listening and spreading the word ….
(16:59:16) giantflyingcarp: bye

Why traditional print media blows

You can see an interview as well as some photos relating to the Astrodome in the recent issue of Dose.


Dose cover image

I’d like to take this time to address how traditional print media can be a disaster. These people interviewed me for quite some time on aim today while I was driving with Joel. Of all the things I said in the interview, the things that made it into the print magazine are basically trivial. It’s worthless. While they printed the wrong url for my blog, they did get one that worked but only because photomatt is such a foreward thinking fellow in how he runs dns. I’m frustrated that I used my treo to talk to them as it’s a pain to get the chat log off. In addition, they actually published something on their website about the conversation and they didn’t include the full log! I mean if it was space constraints that would be one thing but people, don’t you do this for a living? I’m going to give it a shot and hope that I can post the actual conversation as it had some merit. This however has basically no merit.

Don’t talk to the Dose people unless you’re willing to be misrepresented.

Update: I’ve posted the full chatlog here